October 1, 2010

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  • CALC Smart - QApps LLC
    QApps LLC - CALC Smart  artwork CALC Smart
    QApps LLC
    Genre: Utilities
    Price: $1.99
    Release Date: November 21, 2012
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  • Ugh I just want to do math
    I have used this calculator for a number of years. However the most recent update throws up a dialogue that I’m supposed to swipe down to close but it doesn’t close and now I can’t do any kind of math to save my life!
  • Best Calculator App Hands Down!
    This is THE best calculator app in the App Store! It’s the only one I use. I love all of the customizations and the amount of calculator functions available. I do wish there was a haptic feedback option so it actually feels like you are pressing buttons on a real calculator. Love the app though so much!
  • The only Calculator I’ll use
    Have been using this calc for years and the only one for many reasons. Most calculators don’t give me the option to see what I’m actually pressing. I like to see my numbers and not just the total. Plus, I love the interface. Stunning and easy to use!
  • Nice calculator to have, but it need a fix
    There is bug which occur when the app has not been opened for some weeks. When I open the app from dock in iOS 11.1.2, the app show no button and I have to delete and reimstall it to function normally

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  • CostLog Cashflows - QApps LLC
    QApps LLC - CostLog Cashflows  artwork CostLog Cashflows
    QApps LLC
    Genre: Finance
    Release Date: March 20, 2015
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  • Perfect
    This is exactly what I was looking for. A long time ago I used an app that I think was just called Forecast to manage my money. It was just like this app, but it’s developer dropped it. This app is just like that one except this one looks better and has a better user experience. I use this app to avoid surprises and to be aware of my finances down to the day. This system helped me get out of debt and stay out of debt. Now I’m far from living paycheck to paycheck, and I continue to use it. I can plan vacations, Christmas spending, and any other expense knowing exactly what it will do to my budget. I highly recommend this app and using this method to always know where you stand and the exact impact of every financial decision you make.
  • So far, it’s great!
    I have a better handle on my cash flow and expenses after 1 night of setting it up than I’ve ever had. This just works - add/customize expense names, flexibility with dates for week/month/year/one time. I’m paid every two weeks and this made it easy to see where I was getting low, as well as the impact of service charges that just need to go! Update: even better on day 2. It’s easy to delete accounts from the list by swiping left and clicking delete - as i discovered from setting things up wrong. Now the savings line is going up! And boy have I been wasting money. Analyzing the past expenses to fine tune this process is next. Thanks CostLog!
  • Everything I needed
    This is a great app. It does everything I would normally do on paper, but just much more convenient. Gives me a great look at what my year would look like. If i have a one time expense i can always add it to the chart. Thanks for the great app
  • Great Cash flow app
    The purpose of this app is to show cash flow, not manage a budget. It is great at what it does. It is one of the few apps that let you set biweekly entries and put ending dates on entries. For instance, I get paid every other week. I also have a car payment that will end in a few months. The app is flexible enough to allow both items to be entered correctly. The future chart is also very helpful in letting you see if you are on track with your finances.