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CashFlow Pulse – Cashflow Forecasts

Take control of your financial future with the best budgeting strategy know to mankind: Cash Flow Forecasting! Users loved our original model app that used to be called Cash Cast but they absolutely adore the updated version (since 1.9) renamed to CashFlow Pulse which delivered all those frequently asked features, setting the stage for a
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CALC on iPad

CALC Smart Calculator News

CALC Prime – the Smart Calculator – gets teacher Certified The smart calculator apps, also know as CALC Smart, CALC Swift and CALC Prime are already used by thousands of students and teachers in the US alone, but since CALC Prime took-off earlier this year as the designated option for new high-tech classrooms, it has now also been
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CALC Prime – Perfect fit for iPad classrooms

“At, we believe in creating intuitive, sleek and powerful software that not only enhances productivity, but also simplifies the lives of our users. We strive to push the boundaries of what’s possible, and constantly challenge ourselves to innovate and improve. We are not satisfied with simply meeting the status quo, we want to exceed
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CALC Smart Calculator and Converter & CostLog - Cashflow Forecast all with an Apple Watch App

Personal Time Calculator ~ Save your #1 resource ;-)

This quick time calculator will assist you in determining how many hours you spend and save over the course of your productive lifespan. This can help reduce some of the time waste we often neglect in our lives, such as watching unwanted commercials or online ads that can take up hours of our lives every
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