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Smart Calculator with Live results and Free Cash Flow Forecasting
CALC Smart
CALC Smart
Smart Calculator, Converter & More

We despise time wasters, that’s why we’ve devised CALC ~ A Smarter way to do your daily Math. iOS10 optimized + as Fans like to point out: “Functionality & Beauty can co-exist!” CALC features advanced scientific & basic calculator functions, unit & currency conversion, and an elegant user interface. CALC is highly customizable and comes with a Widget and an Apple Watch App as too!
Budgeting done right & at your fingertips

Simply smart and powerful, CostLog will allow you to manage your future Cash Flow the way it was meant to be done! It’s time to treat yourself like a business and stop tracking how much you had on your account and look forward to the future and see what is possible with your budget!
App Tweaker (BETA)
App Tweaker (BETA)
App Review Monitoring Simplified!

Our newest addition for the US and Canada only. We are currently beta-testing this developer tool designed to help monitor and maintain App Store Reviews. Hope you can join us and provide some feedback!

The MMM = More Mindful Math trick:

CALC the Smart calculator provides the added benefit to Calculate & Convert in a instant, saving your #1 resource “your precious time” in the process. CostLog does a fast free Cash flow forecast of your financial future in just 3 easy steps. Both Apps are designed to ease your mind and help you get to a more relaxed state by making things more seamless and swift... CALC & CostLog make a perfect pair of productivity apps to add to your mindfulness portfolio ;-)

About CostLog's Cash Flow Forecast

Check your lifestyle cost & take control of your financial future
Budgeting done right with Free Cash Flow Forecasting for everyone!

This absolutely FREE, simple, yet powerful App helps you manage your future Income and Expenses the way it was meant to be done! It's time to stop tracking how much you had on your account and look forward to the future and see what is possible with your current budget!

- Four separate forecasts + combined forecast
- iCal Alerts + iCloud Sync for backup or multi-device use
- An Orange warning will help you identify a future timeframe when your budget might not meet your comfort zone.
- A Red warning will inform you where your budget could dip bellow the dreadful Zero.
- Keeps automatically updating your forecast so you can always plan a year ahead.
- Provides "Sums" pie charts that show how your budget gets distributed.
- Passcode and TouchID enabled for your privacy.
+ A Notification Center Widget & Apple Watch App!


    Set your Net Income(s)


    Schedule your Expenses


    Update your current Balance


    Annual / 90 days Cashflow + Archive

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