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With these Apps you can Calculate instantly, do a swift cashflow forecast of your financial future and relax watching your favorites music dance or draw some amazing abstract art... What a perfect COMBO! ;-)
Smart Calculator, Converter & More
CALC features advanced scientific & basic calculator functions, unit & currency conversion, and an elegant user interface. CALC is also highly customizable and even includes a quick timer to help your track your remaining time during a test or workshop. Comes with a Widget and Custom keyboard!
Life Budgeting at your Fingertips!
Our newest App is now available on the App Store! Simple but powerful, it will allow you to manage your future Cashflow the way it was meant to be done! It’s time to stop tracking how much you had on your account and look forward to the future and see what is possible with your budget!
Gravitarium Plus
Beat Detection Particle Visualizer+
Gravitarium has evolved from a static multi-touch particle visualizer into a tool you can use to visualize your own iTunes tracks, or draw amazing abstract line art that will make a unique and elegant wallpaper for your device… or as a fan put it:

About CostLog

Your life has a cost - find out what it is!
Life Cost planing with Cashflow Forecast for better Budgeting!

This absolutely FREE, simple, yet powerful App helps you manage your future Income and Expenses the way it was meant to be done! It's time to stop tracking how much you had on your account and look forward to the future and see what is possible with your current budget!

- An Orange warning will help you identify a future timeframe when your budget might not meet your comfort zone.
- A Red warning will inform you where your budget could dip bellow the dreadful Zero.
- Keeps automatically updating your forecast so you can always plan a year ahead.
- Provides "Sums" pie charts that show how your budget gets distributed.
- Passcode and TouchID enabled for your privacy.
+ A Notification Center Widget!

  • 1. INCOME

    Set your Net Income


    Schedule your Expenses

  • 3. BALANCE

    Update your current Balance


    Annual / 90 days Cashflow + Archive


CALC and Gravitarium have both received thousands of positive reviews on the App Store world-wide! We strive to keep our users happy and constantly evaluate all the feedback we get to keep the innovation coming :-)


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